We can also plan the well-deserved honeymoon for you – this special time out, just the two of you, after the wedding which should be as sweet and memorable as possible is like no other time in your life. Enjoy this luxury of being together to reflect upon everything – the wedding preparations and your dream wedding. Because, once everyday life returns and your own, new family makes demands of you, romance and passion often end up in the background.

Baby Shower

Do you want to celebrate the happy arrival of a new baby? Then we can help, also with this event. This great American tradition increases the anticipation of a new arrival even more and can also reduce tension before the birth and provide you with the necessary and beautiful baby accessories. Mothers, sisters, friends and godmothers all celebrate together and the mother-to-be is at the centre one more time before the baby arrives and receives all the attention.



You may spend the first days of married life in your honeymoon destination or at the place of your wedding. Once you have been happily married for ten or more years, though, you might like to think about celebrating your lace, porcelain or even diamond wedding anniversary in fitting style. Alongside the actual wedding day, we can also plan these jubilee celebrations for you and your family and friends. Perhaps you would like to renew your wedding vows or make up for a wedding which somehow went wrong or which was not suitably celebrated? Then we are also the right contact person for you. Treat yourself to a happy day surrounded by your loved ones and remember all the happy shared moments of your married life and time spent together. Use the jubilee as an opportunity for your children, grandchildren and great-children to share your full life and to have these celebrate you. Our idea for relatives: why not give your brothers/sisters, parents or grandparents a jubilee celebration as a gift which the whole family will remember forever!