The proposal

The right start

The wedding planning usually begins with this promise which also catapults you from being in a "regular" life partnership to the new and exciting "willing to marry" status. Traditionally the engagement period begins now – a period of assessing what it is like to live together and your feelings for one another. Today this custom is no longer practised as strictly as it once was as many couples live together already before the proposal or do not wait a whole year between the proposal and the wedding. In this way the proposal has more of a romantic and symbolic meaning: "It's just part of it" and people like to celebrate it. Whether you choose a classic candlelit dinner as an intimate moment between the two of you or a public declaration of love during a pop concert – many things are possible. We can help you to arrange and organise your intimate or spectacular proposal – tears of joy, an adrenalin kick or sheer euphoria guaranteed! Important to remember: that special something that makes your proposal unforgettable. In this way you will conquer the heart of your loved one completely!


Hen and Stag

Bachelor & Bachelorette

As best man/marriage witness or best friend, you can also leave the planning of the stag/hen night in our capable hands or ask us for our support in confidence. We will offer inspiration, not only with ideas for a party or a weekend trip, but we can also assume travel planning, accommodation and individual side programmes – in your home country or abroad. Wellness treats, VIP club nights, catamaran/speedboat trips, island picnics, cookery courses with a star chef or a "pre-bridal shooting" are only a few of the interesting activities on offer to celebrate the goodbye to single life in style.