Lead the way: the ideal venue

The search for the right event location is not easy and very time consuming. Yet the location is one of the fundamental basics of a successful event. It must correspond to the occasion and agenda, the aims and the time, the style and the image as well as the size and budget of the planned event. And, not least, it should also correspond to the organiser, the host. Finding the right location is, therefore, a central and far-reaching task and often a challenge for your own powers of imagination and creative thinking. This search requires a feel for new and unusual places which may never before have been used for an event as well as extensive knowledge of available locations.

For all these reasons we offer you this service also as an individual service. This includes the search for a suitable venue or accommodation, making the initial enquiry and finding a suitable date, a joint viewing and advice in compiling and completing the contract for this. In this way you receive all round, competent support from the beginning to the booking.

We look forward to your assignment!