Tour d'Atelier for the bride

Experience the special WH!TE TOUR D'ATELIER, which is new and unique in Germany. Frank will personally take you on a tour of popular bridal ateliers and select fashion boutiques which include real insider tips as well as creative newcomers and well established premium labels. Be captivated and inspired by tailor-made garments and trendy one-offs and indulge in a bit of designer fashion in intimate locations. Experience the pulsating flair of the fashion hotspots and find out about different styles to help you determine which is the best dress for you. Fall in love with unusual bridal creations and receive specialist advice from the designers. Frank will, of a course, also be available in between to answer all your questions and offer tips on your wedding or simply for a chat, like a best friend.

The WH!TE TOUR D'ATELIER is available in the following cities:







It takes place on one Friday per month from September – November and January – April. Contact us for the next date near to you.

Fridays 4.00 pm - 9.00 pm


Dates and Costs on request
(incl. shuttle and drinks)

Maximum of 6 participants


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Personal Wedding Shopper

For individualists, Frank offers a personal, private tour through the most popular bridal outfitters of the world's fashion capitals such as New York, Paris, Barcelona, Milan or London. He will advise and accompany you with expertise, honesty and charm.

Frank's individual advice is, of course, also available for men and he is able to assist in the purchase and tailoring of clothing.

The bridal outfits should, after all, be perfectly co-ordinated. Simply make an appointment for a personal consultation.