The symbolic ceremony

Popular in Germany for several years now, this inter-confessional and intercultural ceremony offers a great non-religious alternative to church/religious weddings. Mostly it is held in a truly romantic setting outdoors.

It is ideal for multi-cultural or gay couples for whom a church wedding is usually not possible and allows Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, Hindus, Baha'is, atheists and homosexuals and lesbians to proclaim their love for one another and celebrate this in fitting style with their loved ones.

The symbolic ceremony may also complement as a festive act and emotional highlight the formal civil wedding (Which is legally binding in Germany and also a requirement for the church wedding).

However, it is also a suitable ritual for anniversaries (e.g. silver and gold wedding anniversaries) and for the renewal of your wedding vows.

Everything else

Upon request, we can also offer our well known full service as part of the WH!TE CEREMONY:


Food, beverages, service personnel for the reception afterwards


Photographer, videograph, illustrator


Singer: soloist or choir like Gospel, spiritual, classical/operatic music, ballade, pop, jazz
Instrumental: like piano, sax, violin, cello, harp
DJ - also with own individual mix
Sound equipment


Flower arch & flower carpet,
palm leaves & draperies, lanterns & flambeaux


Palace garden, low meadow, sea beach, roof-deck


Chair covers, design or baroque chairs
Gazebo, marquee or sailcloth
Red or white carpet
High tables & lounge furniture


Tossing materials like petals or confetti
Wishing balloons, sky or water lanterns

Froonck as your wedding speaker

If you opt for an independent wedding ceremony, Froonck can be booked as your skilled speaker.

He will guide you through your wedding ceremony with empathy and sensitivity as well as humour and will give you a personal marriage sermon which is festive, emotional, profound, honest and loving. It may be romantic or cool but will always touch your hearts and be emotionally moving.

Together with you, he will plan the entire ceremony and the highlight – the personal ritual with which you symbolically express your precious bond and promise one another eternal love. It doesn't always have to be the classic "I do" or exchange of rings. You may, instead, choose Hawaiian flower crowns or Indian floral chains, individually engraved rings or specially finished jewellery.

Froonck can also help you with the wording of your marriage vows or your own individual declaration of love if you do not wish to use the classic religious wording. He also offers to produce your own individual love song.

His wedding address or celebratory speech can include details of how you both got to know one another or your mutual admiration, the wishes of your loved ones, sayings of love or quotes
from world literature.

Furthermore, Froonck can also involve your parents, family, marriage witnesses and guests to create a real joint experience memorable for all.

Good to know: Froonck can also hold the ceremony in German, English, French or Spanish or a combination of languages.

For an enquiry or booking please contact Froonck here