600 weddings, destination weddings & celebrity weddings
all over Europe till North Africa
so as company events/corporate functions, private events, fairs and exhibitions

30 – 1.700 persons

1 m € highest budget

e. g. palaces, castles, hotels, industry venues, modern/historic/industrial museums, penthouses, Art Nouveau swimming pool, beaches, beach clubs

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, GB/Scotland, Tunisia


Office Germany: Berlin & Dresden

Office France: Nice / French Riviera



Formation of WH!TE – THE WEDDING AGENCY in Berlin


WH!TE 1st – one-year anniversary event. Spectacular is the location: a church in Berlin-Mitte.


Worldwide broadcast of a WH!TE wedding: Deutsche Welle-TV shoots 24 hours reportage.


TV celebrity wedding of German pop singer Sarah Connor

THE WEDDING WEEKEND at The Ritz-Carlton Berlin: Germany's first luxury wedding exhibition celebrates its premiere.


THE WEDDING WEEKEND at stilwerk Berlin

THE WEDDING WEEKEND at broker Catering, Münster

2006 / 07 / 08

140 weddings in three years: TV series "Frank – the Weddingplaner" (Pro7) and my first book


Celebrity wedding of the former German Soccer League footballer Valandi Anagnostou

THE WEDDING WEEKEND at Rosenthal studio-haus Berlin


Celebrity wedding of the German Soccer League footballer and Paraguya national team player Nelson Valdez


Change of name to WH!TE.Frank Matthée



Water ballet in an Art Nouveau swimming pool. Audio play and silent film invitations. The band "Unheilig" at Gothic wedding. Elefants at Indian wedding. Mountain decoration of the highest pilgrimage church in Europe. Parasailing groom in Tunisia. Balkan wedding with DJ Silver and top band from Croatia. French Riviera wedding with gogos. New Year's Eve wedding in presidential suite. Historic boat parade on Lake Wannsee/Berlin. Alm firework in Swiss Alps. Molecular food lounge in the Düsseldorf Hofgarten. "Good bye Lenin" interior design in industrial museum. Guns N'Roses cover band in church. Medieval wedding in a fairytale castle with archery and courtly love spectacle. Harley parade at the North-Baltic sea channel. Town rally as an nnovative communication event. Singers Xavier Naidoo and Cassandra Steen and comedian Kaya Yanar as acts, tv presenter Domian as speaker.


Office in Palma de Mallorca

Celebrity wedding of TV host Oliver Pocher & Alessandra Meyer-Wölden


Office in Nice, Côte d'Azur

New TV series "Frooncks Top Ten Weddings", first wedding ranking show in German TV and Frooncks first prime time show (sixx)

First Ritz-Carlton Wedding Salon, Berlin: Froonck designs three spectacular trendy theme worlds and hosts this unique and new presentation of a wedding exhibition

Pilot for new TV series "4 weddings and a dream holiday" (VOX), Froonck as expert


Celebrity wedding of a race driver couple: Christina Surer & Martin Tomczyk

Second Wedding Salon in The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin

TV documentary "4 weddings and a dream holiday" (VOX) starts and becomes a hugh success


Change of name to WH!TE by Froonck

"Monsieur Froonck", my eshop for luxury wedding accessories, finally goes online

Next seasons of TV documentary
"4 weddings and a dream holiday" (VOX)

My first complete own book is published: "Hochzeitsfieber"/"Wedding Fever" (Goldmann House)


"4 weddings and a dream holiday" (VOX) stays hot

2nd International Destination Wedding Planner Congress, Mauritius

Froonck as World Wide Wedding Reporter for doppio.tv in Barcelona


Froonck is jury president & host of the gala of the 1. Wedding Award Switzerland

Froonck as World Wide Wedding Reporter for doppio.tv in Paris

Froonck as speaker at the 3rd International Destination Wedding Planner Congress, Florence

Froonck as speaker at the luxury American wedding summit "Engage!16 Europe", Puglia/Italy

"4 weddings and a dream holiday" (VOX) still highflying