Weddings and same-sex marriages

This traditional ritual of love is as alive as never before! It bonds you as a couple not only with the promises you make to one another, which will make you unique and unforgettable, but also with the joint planning ahead of the big day. We at WH!TE are only too happy to accompany you in this. We are the wedding planers and wedding consultants, your "sparring partner" and creative catalyst, offering 100% service and efficient added value benefits. More than 280 international, multi-cultural, bi-confessional, same-sex, "white" and jubilee weddings with bridal couples between the ages of 18 and 58 years have made us to the agency with the most experience in the event area of wedding planning (which, incidentally, also requires a great deal of sensitivity!) We support you and your family in organising and planning your event so that you, full of anticipation, simply cannot wait for the big day to arrive! We are the indispensable little luxury which saves you time, nerves and money so that you can enjoy your wedding feeling relaxed and happy. We offer ideas, a basis for decisions, hold your hand (if necessary!), reconcile your wishes with those of your partner and guarantee a harmonious and perfectly smooth running event. All you, the bridal couple and hosts, have to do is to simply enjoy your celebration to the full and look after your guests, enjoying the day together. Go to EXTENT OF PLANNING to see what belongs to a dream wedding and what should be taken into consideration.


Themed weddings

Besides the purely aesthetic design of your wedding taking personal tastes, seasons and locations into consideration, choosing a clearly defined theme can also add a special extra touch. This should not be chosen randomly or appear fake but should correspond to your personalities and your lifestyle so that it comes across as being genuine and so that guests are not irritated by this. We are only too happy to help you in your choice of a suitable theme or motto. We know what works well and where and what makes sense. Whether a simple dress code (e.g. a particular colour) or a historic period (e.g. the medieval age) – what is decisive here is consistent implementation and attention to detail and style: this ranges from the event location, menu and drinks to the entertainment programme and printed materials. Everything must be perfectly co-ordinated. Only this harmony results in you feeling good and only this, in turn, creates the right mood for your successful dream wedding.


Planning as a gift

A great idea

Why not get your family or friends to give you the wedding planning as a gift! This is perfect for you, particularly if you are "the couple who has everything,", with "two perfectly furnished homes" or if "you don't want anything special". As relatives of the bridal couple, friends or wedding guests, you can give something which the couple wants and which is unforgettable. Meanwhile, the bride and groom can sit back and relax, benefit from our expertise and enjoy the anticipation ahead of the big day. They will quickly begin to appreciate the value of your gift. Contact us – you can give anything as a gift from a voucher for an advisory consultation to the complete planning. Simply look at SERVICE.

Surprise Wedding

You only have to say YES

Would you like to surprise your loved one with a dream wedding? Have you been harbouring the secret wish, already for a long time, for a wedding or same-sex marriage? Have you been waiting for the much hoped for question for years? Then why not take the initiative yourself and plan, with us, your "surprise wedding"! Surprise your loved one with a completely planned wedding – all s/he has to do is to say yes! This does, of course, require a great deal of confidence, the willingness to make an important decision and courage but it is well known that the latter is usually rewarded. This could be the start of something new and exciting ...